PR / Marketing Structures

PR / Marketing Structures

So you have the business and / or products you wish to promote and have your design work ready all signs, packaging and displays printed but notice how much time you are having to spend away from doing what you do best and manufacturing selling and distributing the product(s) Let Signs Display experienced accounts managers work with you and your team to create a calculated and monitored marketing campaign.

The most successful marketing campaigns come with careful planning such as your intended target market and how best to get your information into the correct places, this can be done with bespoke & unique promotional items direct marketing or continued presence at the end purchaser.

With any marketing campaign it is important to sync your campaigns to ensure a continued theme / message and style is received by the intended audience and that any production / distribution of the product can meet demand of results from any marketing campaign completed.

Our team can offer advice and aid in the creation of everything from packaging design to social media flyers and stationery printing whilst ensuring each marketing campaign works within your desired timeframe whilst you concentrate on the manufacture & distribution of your product.

Don’t forget we offer a range of pop up display & exhibition products for all your presentation needs.

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