Cable Displays
Traditionally associated with ‘estate agent window displays’ the cable display system still proves to be one of the most popular and cost effective way to display posters or showcards in a professional & easy to update format. Using a stylish satin chrome wire which can be either mounted floor to ceiling, wall to wall or even a combination such as floor to wall or ceiling to wall, the wires support either acrylic showcard pockets, poster pockets, sign panels or leaflet dispenser units.

The clips which support the panels in place are easy to adjust for the ability to adjust heights, add or remove additional pockets.

These cost effective cable display kits are ideal for a number of industries such as:

Install Service Available• Estate Agents / Property Displays
• Travel Agents
• Retail
• Restaurant, Cafes & Bars
• Dentist / Doctor Surgerys
• Musuems / Tourist Attractions
• School Reception / Corridoor Areas
• Office Enviroments
• Industrial – Communual & Reception Areas

You can call our sales team who will assist you in selecting the right display type or use our e-commerce site for speed & convenience 24/7

Because we manufacture many items and holding a large volume of stock on standard items, this ensures we can provide a fast turnaround time.

Cable Display SystemsCable Display SystemsCable Display SystemsCable Display Systems