Stop people in their tracks and increase sales with an attention grabbing freestanding display system from Signs Display .Com.

• lightweight units
• quick and easy to position exactly where required
• move whenever necessary
• present graphics, leaflets, brochures and products in a professional format
• special freestanding display units designed to your specification

Freestanding Displays

Our freestanding suspended display units enable you to easily and quickly create new, fresh and exciting displays to attract your customers. Quick fit cables that twist and connect make customizing the display interior a breeze. The following options are available for the interior of the display:

• acrylic poster holders
• suspended banners
• suspended garment rails
• large format graphics panels
• shelving units
• leaflet dispensers
• multimedia kiosk

Freestanding Displays

Available in single frames, doubles, trebles, or as many as you need. Simply link them together to form your ideal freestanding display. Link several freestanding displays together to form informational and colourful walkways, barriers and room dividers.

These freestyle display units can be used in:

• Retail outlets
• Concessions
• Banks
• Estate agents
• Museums
• Airports
• Receptions
• Offices
• Showrooms
• Leisure centres
• Information centres
• Exhibition stands

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