Print Finishing

It’s all in the finishing!

SignsDisplay finish all products in-house to provide a true one stop shop… this gives us more control over quality, speed & cost.

We have a range of modern plant & skilled operators to achieve the best finish

DYSS – Contour Cutting, Scoring & Creasing

Flatbed Camera Registered Contour Cutting
To complement our printing process we have installed flatbed finishing with a bed size up to 3000mm x 2000mm. This can register to the print then cut & crease using various tooling including oscillating or fixed knives or router for more rigid substrates.

Materials can be cut include: • Card • Correx • Foamex • Aluminium Composite • Foamcore • Acrylic

Roll To Roll Camera Registered Contour Cutting
For Vinyl decals this can register to the print then cut to the desired shape.

Contour Cutting, Scoring and  Creasing

Bobis Application Table
Solid, consistent colour and finish… bubble-free

• Bubble Free Vinyl Application
• 3000 x 1500mm bed size
• Laminate Application
• Light Table for accurate in-lay graphics
• Self Healing cutting mat increases consistant edges

Bobis Application Table

Banner Finishing
Improves life expectancy for banners

• Hemmed Edges
• HLooped Edges
• HBrass Eyelets
• HPlastic Eyelets
• HStiched or Bonded

Banner Finishing

Pattern Cutter
Accurate and fast, high volume cutting

• Template Cutter board
• 850 x 650mm bed size
• Cuts upto 10mm thickness
• Cuts various media, such as vinyl, card & correx
• Cutting with speed & accurancy

Pattern Cutter

Correx Welder
Essential for Correx T Boards, bonding

• Unique & Bespoke Plant
• Seals two 4mm Correx Sheets Together
• Non-break Edge
• Ideal for Estate Agent T Boards
• Blank sheets / Trade work undertaken