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6s Staff ID & Visual Aid Boards

A slight variation to our 5s production boards, our 6s staff ID lean display panels can be created to showcase staff working on the premises at any one time, like our 5s range these can be manufactured bespoke and tailoured to your exact specification, size and capacity. (In/out daily sliders available, individual staff message / note options.

Not only are these popular with the educational sector but are proving more and more popular with the hospitality sector, call centres / large office complex, travel & tourism locations and the manufacturing / production industry sector. Can be used to display staff members or production / sales target figures.

  • Wall Mounted
  • Freestanding / Mobile
  • Post Mounted
  • Suspended / Hung
  • Lockable / Secure

All our notice frames are easy to update and provide a professional display to accommodate a variety of capacity and various sized notices. Feel free to mix & match our product options to form one multiple panel application specific & unique to your individual requirements. Speak to our sales team today to discuss your ideas.

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